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MVH Offers the Latest Diagnostic/Medical Imaging Technology

Fluoroscopy photo

Mary Roberts, RT(R), radiology technologist, demonstrates the advanced imaging equipment in the Fluoroscopy Room.

Radiology Room photo

Sue Shoenberger (right), radiology technologist, and Janet Forlini, MVH's director of Imaging Services, demonstrate the "stitching" device used for diagnostic images of the spine, bones and extremities.
(October 12, 2015 - Carroll Township, Pa.)

Monongahela Valley Hospital (MVH) continues to be at the forefront of medical imaging with the recent installation of two new Radiology rooms.

The new fluoroscopic room incorporates a system that uses advanced digital technology to provide improved contrast for greater resolution. The process is digital without film or cassettes. The direct digital capture enables the medical team to view more detailed images which leads to greater accuracy. Images are retained in the hospital's Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and can be easily viewed by the medical team in the hospital or physician's office. This room is used for real-time imaging of the upper and lower gastrointestinal area. It also is used for arthrograms, which are tests using x-rays to obtain a series of images of a joint after a contrast material has been injected into the joint. Additionally, myelograms, which are diagnostic imaging procedures that use a contrast dye and x-rays to help diagnose problems of the spinal cord and other tissues are performed in the room.

"The new system is very sophisticated," said Janet Forlini, MVH's director of Imaging Services. "We can watch barium flow through a person's system. For people such as those who have had strokes and have difficulty swallowing, we use software that captures the swallowing function which significantly aids the diagnostic process."

MVH also installed a new General Radiology room that is used for diagnostic images of the chest, spine, bones and extremities. The technology in the room offers a new method of imaging called "stitching" which enables the medical team to take one image of the spine or leg, instead of the multiple images that were the norm with film or cassettes.

"Previously, due to the length of the spine or leg, we had to capture the images in segments. The new system provides a higher level of imaging, greater comfort to the patient and it reduces radiation exposure," said Mrs. Forlini.

Both rooms are designed for patient comfort. They feature tables that conveniently raise and lower and can accommodate patients who weigh in excess of 600 lbs.

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