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Center for Fitness and Health Adds Innovative New Equipment

Power Plate Machine at Center for Fitness and Health

Melissa Ondesko, fitness director, Center for Fitness and Health, (standing center from left) assists Sylvia Patrick, the Power Plate training representative who is teaching the CFH trainers the many features of the machine, as they look on.
(August 16, 2012 - Carroll Township, Pa.)

Did you ever think that we would be using technology that was developed for Russian cosmonauts' space travel to help us relieve pain, stay fit and improve strength and flexibility?

The Center for Health and Fitness, located in the Mon-Vale HealthPLEX, is one of only three exercise facilities in Western Pennsylvania to install a Power Plate machine that offers a full-body workout in less than 30 minutes using elements of fitness which include: stretch, balance, core conditioning, strength training and massage.

Power Plate machines use the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body's natural reaction to vibration. These vibrations activate 25 to 40 involuntary muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second as well as create a significant increase in circulation.

"This is a great new application for technology that has been successful for all segments of the population," said Melissa Ondesko, fitness director, for the Center for Health and Fitness (CFH).

According to Ms. Ondesko, Power Plate is a safe, medically approved device that can be used daily by people from all walks of life including professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, fitness enthusiasts and even moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. It can help improve strength, power, flexibility, circulation, bone density, balance, and weight loss as well as recovery times.

"Ultimately it helps people feel better, play better and look better in less time," said Ms. Ondesko. "Whether a person is trying to lose weight, recover from an injury, prepare for a marathon or warm up for ski season, the Power Plate is ideal - plus, you feel really great when you step off of it."

The staff of the Center for Fitness and Health is offering Power Plate demonstrations. For more information, call the Center at 724-379-5100.

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