Monongahela Valley Hospital's Primary Care Physician Hosts Talk about COVID

(June 29, 2021 - Carroll Township, Pa.)

Ken Szekely, M.D. photo
Ken Szekely, M.D.
The mask mandate has come to an end and we are back, mostly, to pre-pandemic life. With the recent guidelines removed, questions still arise about the virus and vaccine. Monongahela Valley Hospital recently held an in-person session of its Innovations in Medicine; an education series that features physician guest speakers providing medical information to the community. Ken Szekely, M.D., a primary care physician with Monongahela Valley Hospital, presented a talk titled "Life after the Vaccine: Long-term Consequences of COVID" in the Education Conference Center at MVH.

"My goal with is to provide you with the most recent information we have about COVID-19 and the vaccine," said Dr. Szekely, "I want you to be able to make an informed decision about getting the vaccine, not just because I recommend it, but because you feel it is best for you."

The program was recorded an added to the hospital's YouTube channel and the video can be viewed here.

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